Other Services

Rife Machine

Try out our Rife Frequency Generator to help with a variety of malaises. The Rife machine works based on the ideas of ‘sympathetic frequency’ and quantum energy. Using ultrasound to break up kidney stones is an example of using sympathetic frequencies in medicine. Also, it’s usefulness can be explained by the quantum physics theory that everything vibrates a certain frequency and low-level frequencies can be culled out with Rife frequencies. The Rife Frequency Generator is safe for most conditions and most people. However, it is contraindicated for people suffering from epilepsy and/or people with pacemakers. ($1/minute – $15 minimum)

Salt Room

Salt is the oldest and most natural sterilizing agent, creating antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral environments in the sinuses and lungs. Ancient Greeks inhaled steam from salt water to cure respiratory problems. In the 1830’s, when Polish salt miners were found to have exceptionally healthy lungs, doctors began sending patients into the mines to heal. Again in the 1940’s, physicians observed that people hiding in salt caves during WWII experienced significant respiratory health benefits. While halotherapy is a more accepted health practice in Europe and Australia, here in the United States, general medical consensus supports only its relaxation benefits. Here in Colorado, your skin can also benefit sitting in the salt room environment. ($1/minute – $15 minimum)

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